Do you need to fundraise for a specific cause? Or do you want to brand your organization in a new and creative way? Then look no further! Brickbacker is a crowdfunding platform that designs 100% unique models made out of LEGO bricks for you. You set a goal of how many models you think you can sell in 30 days and then you just start selling! When the time is up and you have reached your sales goal, we start the production and ship the models to your buyers – and the profit is yours to keep. Ah, the beauty of crowdfunding.

Still interested? Then here’s a more in-depth description of how things work here at Brickbacker.

1. Apply for a campaign

Use this form to apply for a campaign. First of all, you are to specify 1) how many models you think you’re able to sell in 30 days (the minimum being 50), 2) the price you want your buyers to pay for it and 3) whether you’d like the model to include a sticker.

The next part of the form asks you to describe the model you want and you can include anything you want – colors, moods, stories to be told, and even pictures. The more details, the better! When we have a design proposal on hand we send it to you to get your approval. If you’re not perfectly happy with it we’ll keep refining and changing it until it’s just right.

Finally, we ask you to describe why we should run a campaign for you and your organization. Be truthful to yourself – do you have what it takes to sell at least 50 models?

2. Spread the word

Once we’ve received your final stamp of approval of the model, the campaign is launched on our website and now it’s your job to promote it. Pretty much spread it like wildfire, actually. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a marketing guide in which you’ll find lots of tips that enables you to become a true marketing guru. And don’t hesitate to ask us for help – it’s what we’re here for.

3. Reach the sales goal

When the 30 days are up, it’s time to see whether you’ve reached (or even exceeded) the sales goal (we’re sure you have, of course!). If you have – hurray, kudos to you, pat yourself on the shoulder!

4. Sit back and relax while we take care of the rest

This step probably doesn’t need much elaboration as your job is done at this point. Now it’s our time to shine. We order the bricks, design the building instructions, package it in a super elegant box, and ship it to all the happy buyers.