What it means to be a Brickbacker designer

As part of our Brickbacker team, your job is to design and build models out of LEGO bricks. These models should cater to the wishes of our customers who are mainly non-governmental organizations and small associations looking to raise funds for a selected cause.

We value our designers greatly as they are the backbone of our company and for that reason, only the best builders get to work for us. When you create a model for us, we display your name next to the model on our website and in the building instructions, thus giving you the recognition you deserve. Of course, you also receive a monetary reward – 6% of the total sales the model generates.

Brickbacker designer image

the design process is rather simple

  1. Go through design brief

You receive a design brief from us including specifications about the model. Most of the time this design brief will include photos to inspire you and a little description of the organization who requested it.

Step 2 - Create the model   2. Create the model

You create a model and send us photos of it which we show to the customer.

Step 3 - Get feedback   3. Get feedback

The customer might have feedback and in that case, we ask you to make corrections to the model and provide us with new pictures.

Step 4 - Create the model digitally  4. Create the model digitally

When the customer is content with the model, your next job is to replicate it digitally in either LEGO Digital Designer or LDraw.

Step 5 - Hold your breath  5. Hold your breath…

After receiving the digital model, we launch the model on our website, making it available for sale for 30 days. If the model does not reach the sales target, we are unfortunately not going through with actually producing it.

Step 6 - Recieve profit   6. Receive profit!

If the campaign is a success, we transfer the money to you! Don’t spend them all on LEGO, okay? 😉

Do we have any rules you need to follow, you ask? Yes, of course. We kindly ask you to…

1. ONLY use LEGO elements from our brick catalog, which can be found here

2. Not use “illegal” building techniques

3. And most importantly of all… have fun!

We are currently on the lookout for the 20 best brick builders in the world.

If you think you are one of them, you are welcome to submit an application

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