How to achieve Instagram success for startups

You might associate Instagram with oversaturated food pictures and duck-faced selfies, but it turns out it’s in fact a great marketing tool. It’s a social media where you can create a brand community and show a more personal side of yourself and your business. It’s actually quite an unfiltered place given how many Instagram filters […]

Our packaging journey – a learning experience

Being a newly started company, there’s usually a lot of things you don’t know how to do and don’t have the funds to outsource. This means that you’ll often find yourself in unknown situations where you feel like you’re just fumbling around in the dark. Creating the packaging for our Brickbacker models left us in […]

Behind the scenes – the birth of Kaptajn Hack

Today I’m taking you all on a little trip behind the scenes here at Brickbacker. A huge part of our business involves designing the best possible model that perfectly fits the image and message of the organization that requested it. Therefore we spend a lot of time and energy on exactly that. The Coding Pirates […]

Launching a website is a piece of cake, right?

For almost every internet-based startup company there’s one day that’s scarier than any other – the day of the website launch. At the Brickbacker headquarters this wasn’t any different. We had prepared for this very day for months and it was going to be the culmination of all our hard work. At first we were […]